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Connecticut media reporter Desiree Fontaine charged with shoplifting

Desiree Fontaine, reporter for traffic and style in Connecticut, was arrested this weekend for alleged theft. Desiree Fontaine was detained and charged by police at a Sears store. Desiree Fontaine's accused crime? Shoplifting $ 104.98 worth of perfume. Is the Connecticut punishment for sixth degree larceny severe?

Article Source: Connecticut reporter Desiree Fontaine charged with shoplifting by Personal Money Store

Desiree Fontaine shoplifts

Police detained Desiree Fontaine in the Milford, Connecticut Westfield Mall. The Sears store security guards called the police because Desiree Fontaine had been seen taking $ 104.98 worth of perfume without paying for the merchandise. The police called to the scene charged Desiree Fontaine with sixth degree larceny. The reporter was released on a promise to appear in court on July 7.

Daily show Connecticut Style hosted by Desiree Fontaine

Desiree Fontaine, as well as reporting on morning traffic, is best known for hosting Connecticut Style. This show is a daily talk show that features money-saving tips, features on culture, and style. The show has never, and probably will never, recommend shoplifting as a money-saving or style tip. WTNH, the station Fontaine works for, has refused to comment on what they're saying is a "personal matter."

Sixth Degree Larceny in CT

In Connecticut, the Sixth Degree Larceny charge against Desiree Fontaine carries fairly minor punishments. There are six degrees of severity of larceny - taking an item of value without payment or permission – in the state of Connecticut. Sixth Degree Larceny in Connecticut is the minimum of larceny, for crimes valued under $ 250. A class C misdemeanor, the sixth degree larceny charge could cost Desiree Fontaine $ 500 and six months in jail. This kind of punishment for just one bottle of perfume raises questions of what Desiree Fontaine was doing shoplifting – was it out of need, want, or compulsion.

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