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Calculator plugin for Galaxy Online game give to you ability to calculate simple ariphmetics expressions into GO client.
Calculator ScreenshotCalculator Screenshot

GO SysAlerts plugin screenshot

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At the screenshot you can see SysAlerts button at left upper corner, witch call SysAlerts plugin setup window.

At the right side - SysAlerts setup window.

At the top - main SysAlerts window, where systems alerts are showing. And main window have "Go to alert" button, witch focused Milky Way view into alert coordinates.

GO SysAlerts plugin screenshot

Galaxy Online MacroEditor plugin

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You can see at screenshot script in MacroEditor window and result of the scripts run - message window with last chat message.

Galaxy Online MacroEditor plugin

MacroEditor plugin

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MacroEditor plugin provide to user ability for edit and run lua scripts in GO client without restarting it.
Galaxy Online MacroEditor pluginGalaxy Online MacroEditor plugin
Just write code in MacroEditor window and press "Run Macro" button below.

First version is low of functionality, but work.

Countdown Plugin

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Coutdown plugin for Galaxy Online. Original concept by Andrey Gayvoronsky http://www.gayvoronsky.com, fixed by Enkei Arashi.

SysAlert Plugin

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SysAlert plugin for Galaxy Online client bring to you ability to view system alerts from chat in additional window.
GO SysAlerts plugin screenshotGO SysAlerts plugin screenshot

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