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Honda Hybrid Scooter to Go On Sale in 2010

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Honda Numo Hybrid Scooter Prototype
Honda plans to start selling hybrid petrol / electric bikes by 2010, following them with smaller, electric-only bikes by 2011.

Honda, Yamaha electric motorbikes

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Yamaha aims to launch electric motorcycles by 2010 with a range of 100 km (60 miles) on a single charge, comparable to those with 50cc engine displacements, the paper said.

Honda, the world's top motorcycle maker, will launch lithium-ion battery electric motorcycles in 2011, targeting customers such as Japan Post Service that may switch its fleet of about 90,000 motorbikes to electric models, it said.

Zemship Hits The Water

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Zemship (Zero Emission Ship)Zemship

The Zemship (Zero Emission Ship), based in Hamburg, runs on a hybrid unit integrating two 48kW fuel cell systems and a lead gel battery.

EPA confused by Chevy Volt's fuel economy

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The EPA is not sure how to rate the Chevrolet Volt's fuel economy, and GM isn't at all happy about it.

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