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Shadow Guardian

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Shadow Guardian

Faction Warship Shadow Guardian
Shield: 100
Armor: 100
Dura: 6000
Stability: 160%
Hit: -999%
Dodge: 0%
Slots: 35
Storage: 1500
Moves: 0
Work Number: 1000
Fly Time: 0:44:00 Fly Cost: (20:10)
Alum: 1824
Gas: 2230
Pop: 1562
Construction Time: 0:34:25
Tech Required: 2nd Gen Hull Study LV1; Warship Control LV4; and; Assault Craft Theory Lv9; Cruiser Theory Lv9; Battleship Theory Lv9; At least one of them should be mastered.
Comment: Able to turn invisible. +15% air defense. +20% reflective modules effect.

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